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Fotodiscs4u, provide services to create DVD slideshow photo album presentations with music using all your favourite photos, so that you can view them as a slideshow on TV. A virtual DVD scrapbook

About Us

Fotodiscs4u will also attend your Wedding, Celebration day or event show and take "reportage style photographs" to create your DVD photo slide show.

What's the point?

People are often disappointed with the print quality of photo films returned from the developers, they may look washed out, or the colour may be incorrect. This may happen for a number of reasons, poor quality print, old film, old or damaged cameras, or artefacts due to photographic storage, lighting conditions or age of the photo.

More Infomation

This can ruin the memory of that "once in a lifetime" holiday or that very special day, Fotodiscs4u offer services to restore these photos to the best quality possible and put them into a professional DVD photo slideshow. Give someone a surprise gift of a DVD slideshow photo album featuring photos of special moments throughout their life, drawn from the photo albums of friends, family and even themselves?

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Slide Shows?

How long will the slideshow be? Plan on an average time of 7 seconds per photo, with a 1 or 2 second transition on either end, about 9 or 10 pictures a minute, this is an acceptable pace. Ultimately, the length of the total slideshow is up to you and depends on your needs.